Fastlane is a turn based strategy game that allows you and up to three of your friends/family to compete against each other in a battle of wits and ambition, and prove who is the ultimate corporate trailblazer!

Each player starts the game with no education, no experience and 300 bucks in their pockets. As a player, you need to get a job, make money, get educated, buy products, pay rent and more, all in a grand effort to start a virtual life and work your way up the corporate ladder.

All players work toward fulfilling the same four milestones, Money, Experience, Education and Happiness. The player who meets all four of these goals first, wins the game. Fastlane will be sure to keep you on your toes and leave you wanting more.

Here are some features you can expect to see when you download this game:

Realistic Life Simulator
Fastlane is built upon a realistic life simulator that may just have you worrying about wearing appropriate work clothing, stock market fluctuations or even getting robbed.

Computer Opponents
If you’re playing the game alone, but still want some competition, add a couple of these guys to the game to spice things up.

Persistent Games
If you’re in the middle of a game and feel like taking a break, don’t worry it always saves your progress when you leave.

Interactive Tutorial
If you are new to the game, the interactive crash course will teach you the basics and get you started in about five minutes.

Intuitive User Interface
Fastlane was designed to be easy to use and still be easy on the eyes.

Play The Game Your Way

Fastlane now operates natively on two platforms, providing our customers with a wider range of playability.

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Fastlane for iPhone and iPod is our newest addition. This version takes full advantage of iPhone 4's Retina Display, giving our users crisp and stunning graphics.

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Fastlane HD

Fastlane HD was developed to take advantage of the iPad's more expansive form factor, allowing for more immersive game play.

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