About Manta...

We are Manta Innovations, LLC, a software company located in southern California which was created for the purpose of providing the most useful and eye-popping smart phone applications available.

Due to the advent of mobile browsers on the latest popular phones, our original goal was to exploit the expanding web application market by creating immersive web applications, specifically designed for mobile devices. Though in 2009, we slightly refocused our efforts and started developing software for the growing smart phone app market.

We have since developed a dynamic soundboard platform called PocketSound, the basis of "PocketArnold" (iPhone/iPod), which we also intend to use in later, more complex projects. Taking it a step further, we created a turn based game engine, which we integrated into "Fastlane" (iPhone/iPod/iPad) and will definitely be using as the core of future turn based gaming projects.

Going into the future, we are diligently working to lay the foundation to make Manta a multiple platform developer and start publishing our products on the Android and Blackberry platforms. On top of that, we have a full list of upcoming titles, so we are anticipating a very busy future for Manta.